Saturday, 22 February 2014

Shah Rukh Khan: I am happy watching IPL 7 at my home, don’t want to go to Wankhede stadium

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The King Khan had denied any misconduct and said he reacted only after children, including his kids, were manhandled by the security staff at the stadium.

Shah Rukh Khan says he is happy watching matches at his home and staying away from the Wankhede Stadium in the wake of Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) five-year ban on the Kolkata Knight Riders owner.

Shah Rukh Khan is banned for five years from entering the MCA premises, including the Wankhede Stadium, by the association’s managing committee, after he was involved in fracas with the security staff and officials of the cricket body following KKR’s victory over Mumbai Indians in 2012.

However, the King Khan had denied any misconduct and said he reacted only after children, including his kids, were manhandled by the security staff at the stadium.

An unedited version of documentary — ‘Living with KKR’ — showing the journey of this IPL team was unveiled on Thursday. The four-part series traces emotional journey of the team to its ultimate redemption as IPL champions.

When asked if he would be ok if the Wankhede incident featured in the documentary, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I don’t make documentaries. It is up to those people who had made it. I am ok with it.”
Further asked what he would do if asked to come to watch the match at the stadium, the King Khan says, “I am happy watching match at my home. I don’t want to go there and this I am not saying because of ego and arrogance. If this (invite me to watch match at Wankhede stadium) happens someday we will see…”

Monday, 6 January 2014

Shah Rukh Khan stayed inside his car to avoid Salman Khan?

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They just 'Khan-not' patch up, can they? After realising that they're shooting at the same venue on the same day, Bollywood's two biggest Khans - Salman and Shah Rukh - made good effort to continue to avoid each other.
According to reports, the two superstars were shooting at Mehboob Studios on Saturday, and on neighbouring stages. While Sallu bhai was already there since 2:30 that afternoon, Shah Rukh was scheduled to arrive at 3:00 pm, but arrived a little more than an hour later. 

Upon reaching the venue, Shah Rukh, usually accompanied by his entourage of security guards and other staff members, stayed back in his car while his staff was ready. 

Reports claim that the reason only became apparent after Shah Rukh stay put in his car for almost half an hour, while Salman Khan was spotted hanging outside with his crew. Their game of Hide-and-Seek continued in to the better part of the day. 

While Salman was outside his vanity van, Shah Rukh stayed inside, and vice versa. They apparently had their staff members keep an eye on the other's movements, so they could step out accordingly. It seems the two tried even harder not to be clicked together. 

After checking the other wasn't around, they posed cameras separately once done with their respective shoots.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shah Rukh Khan confirms baby, says 'mixture of good and bad news'

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan today confirmed that he has a new baby, but was cryptic about details including the sex of his third child.
"It is a little mix of sadness and happiness at this point of time and I would request everyone including the concerned authorities to show the same alacrity in finding out and doing the enthusiastic investigation they are doing on my baby upon other things they should be lending their thoughts to right now," said Shah Rukh Khan. (Watch)"Having said that when the sad part of it gets over of course I will share everything with you. So, this is the last question, get on the train baby will talk some other time", the actor said this evening.
In the last few weeks, he has not commented on allegations of a prenatal sex test.A spokesman at Mumbai's municipal body said they have received confirmation that a baby boy was born in May to Khan, 47, and his wife Gauri."Andheri hospital has informed the BMC health authorities that a boy was born on May 27, 2013," said Vijay Khabale Patil, a spokesman for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).
"The father's name was Shah Rukh Khan and the mother was Gauri Khan," he told news agency AFP.The baby is widely reported to have been born by surrogacy, an arrangement in which a woman carries the child of another couple.
The news that the birth was as far back as May means the child was born before rumours surfaced in the media that the Khans were expecting a boy, raising suspicions of an illegal sex test on the foetus. On seeing the reports, the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association wrote to the health officials demanding an investigation.

Khan, star of "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" ("The Braveheart will get the Bride") and "My Name Is Khan", topped the first Forbes India Celebrity 100 list earlier this year with annual estimated earnings of 37.7 million dollars or around Rs 227 crores.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shahrukh Khan takes Deepika Padukone and Rohit Shetty on a fun ride!

The Chennai Express trio was seen having a jolly good time in an open jeep

We are keen to see the famous jodi of Farah Khan’s 2007 film Om Shanti Om – Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone – back together after six long years. Rohit Shetty’s forthcoming venture, Chennai Express will see the two A-listers set the silver screen ablaze again with their incredible star power. A little birdie tells us that SRK and Dippy are having a blast on the sets of the movie with Rohit Shetty too keeping everyone happy and pulsating with energy.

The Golmaal director believes in keeping the mood light on the sets and even indulges in good fun. Standing testimony to these positive vibes is the new picture we unearthed for BollywoodLife readers. Here’s SRK, the long legged Dips and Shetty in a jeep. While King Khan and Shetty are their regular selves, Dippy is dressed as a village belle. Shahrukh is behind the wheels and eager to take his new friends on a long drive. We think the 48-year-old actor is also capable of driving you nuts with his tongue-in-cheek remarks. Right Dips?

Would Shahrukh Khan really dance for a Salman Khan film?

C’mon, you gotta be kidding us! Do you think that the two ace Khans of B-town would really come together for a movie? You gotta be a fool….April fool!

Last year we learned a valuable lesson. We did a fabulous story on April 1 – which as all of you would know is April Fool’s day – telling you that Rajinikanth would be doing a special appearance in an item song for Aamir Khan’s then-unreleased film Talaash. While we did our giggling from the moment we wrote the story to the time the joke was overtaken by something more funny, some of you actually believed us and cited the (made-up) facts as true some months later. And that made us chortle, chuckle and chitter even more. But now, the turnaround time seems to be shorter. Why? Because we seem to have done it again.

For April 1 this year, we gave you a story on how Shahrukh Khan would be doing a song and dance stint in rival-enemy Salman Khan’s Next Big Film, Dabangg 3. Yeah, yeah, we know full well it will never happen, not unless the moon turns BollywoodLife pink and Shekhar Kapoor actually finishes a film he talks about. But it was a fun story and allowed us to do a little giggle-giggle when we wrote it. What is even funnier is that some people seem to have picked up on the story…again…and are now reporting it as an ‘exclusive’ and a ‘scoop’. Frankly, we would call it a miracle, but that is just us being our usual optimistic selves.

And when we stop laughing, we will dig into facts a little deeper and try and see if this April 1 story that made fools out of so many can ever possibly come true. What do you think?

Shahrukh Khan visits Sanjay Dutt at his residence.

The King Khan took time out of his super busy schedule to meet the Munnabhai actor late last night
Shahrukh Khan, like his arch rival Salman Khan, has always been the best of friends with Sanjay Dutt. And our feathered friend from Bandra tells us that Baadshah Khan arrived late last night at Dutt’s residence to pacify the actor.
It was quite an emotional moment when SRK expressed his concern for the Policegiri star and had a talk with him as well as his wife Manyata Dutt. It’s learnt that Shahrukh stayed at Sanju’s place for a couple of hours and the two had an intense and emotional conversation.
Dutt has been sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Supreme Court for illegal possession of arms in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case and many celebrities have visited him ever since. Sanjay has already filed a review petition but it’s quite unlikely that he will be able to get out of the legal mess any time soon.
Meanwhile, the actor is working round the clock to complete his movie assignments before he surrenders himself in a couple of days.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Salman Khan: If you want overacting, call Shahrukh Khan

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The Ek Tha Tiger dude lost his cool while shooting for an ad film. Salman targeted his archrival Shahrukh Khan when requested to redo a scene with a different facial expression

Salman Khan is at it again! The flamboyant star has been lapping up every opportunity possible to take potshots at Shahrukh Khan. It was only recently that we thought that the cold war between him and SRK could come to an end, but sadly we were wrong! Shahrukh Khan is still on Sallu’s mind and bhai doesn’t show even a hint of political correctness when it comes to talking about his friend-turned-foe; at least that’s what a recent remark from Sallu seems to be suggesting.
A little birdie tells us that Salman was recently shooting for an ad film in a bungalow in Versova, Mumbai. The commercial also starred Aamna Sharif and it was directed by a prominent adman-turned-filmmaker. The shoot was going on smoothly when the director, who was not particularly happy with Salman’s walk, asked him redo it. On hearing the request, the 47-year-old actor shot back with his trademark growl, “Agar walk karna hai toh kisi model ko bula lete.” Later, when the stunned director requested the macho star to give more expressions for an extreme close-up shot, bhai shot back. “Agar acting hi karani hai, toh Hrithik ko le lete,” said a disgruntled Sallu. He didn’t stop there and quickly attached one more line that went on to show what the Dabangg dude thinks about his archrival SRK’s acting talent. “Aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shahrukh ko le lete,” added the superstar absolutely uninhibitedly as he walked out of the frame.Now this episode might irk SRK and his loyal fans. And King Khan’s devotees might argue that at least the Jab Tak Hai Jaan star overacts, but can Sallu miyaan do even that? After all, Salman has always being his usual self in most of his movies and never has the superstar quite impressed with his acting, if ever he does that. But we are confident that Salman won’t give a damn to such debates and will continue to speak his mind. All we are waiting to know now is how Shahrukh will respond to Sallu’s blunt remark!